Pillars International was founded to solve a primary problem: How to provide a solution that will fit any client and their needs with an off the shelf solution. Our framework is a one of a kind that allows unparalleled flexibility while at the same time providing the benefits of a full solution. If you find you do something different than anyone else, you will find it hard to get a system that will accommodate your needs. However, the Pillars system allows you to implement any custom piece without compromising the other pieces of the system, thus allowing you to make it work for you.

Top Features

Team Manager

Associates are able to use the team manager to view and communicate with their team. Team reports can help them sort through their team and find who needs help.

Custom Reports Engine

Corporate can use the custom report generator to make new reports avaliable to the field. Associates can then respond quickly to the news of new events.

Commission Profiler

Use the Commission Profiler to test and try new bonus programs each month. Find out if a particular bonus program is likly to be profitable.

Multiple Stores

Create a wholesale, retail and corporate shopping experiance that is unique for each market group.

Support Module

Find issues and respond quickly when an associate calls corporate to ask a question. View open and closed tickets along with automatic events.

Replicated Websites

Allow each associate to have as many replicated sites as they would like. Give each assocate a choice for each landing page's look and feel.

Additional Features
Multi Language, Multi Currency Support
Inventory Management System with multiple locations and international support.
Coupons - Discounts - Promotions, by date
United States and International Tax Code with multiple tax classes
Convention and Event Manager with custom shop experience.
Replicated Websites - Option to allow personalization for each replication.
Prospect Manager
Downline Manager
Commission Analyzer
Custom Reports
Customization Engine with HTML and C# Editors