• E-Wallet Integration

  • Host Party Plan

  • Events and parties

  • Advanced Support Module

DirectScale Acquires Pillars International

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Color Schemes

Commission Profiler with Promotion Framework

Empower your company for growth and expansion by knowing how effective your compensation plan is. Our commission and promotion profiler allows quick modifications to your compensation plan for testing and review. This allows modifications with commission and promotions to be effectively tested and proven before going live in the field.

Color Schemes

Prebuilt and Custom Reports for Corporate and Distributors

Our prebuilt reports allows you to monitor and track every aspect of your business

Use a game changing report building engine to create new reports that require no programmer or designer.

Color Schemes

Team Manager with Notification Push

Use a modern prospect and team manager with library integration for many operations like sending messages, sharing content, viewing tree, and posting updates.

Receive notificaions with customizable events, For example, Receive notifications when a prospect watches a video.


Mobile Ready with Fully Responsive Design

Use the same tools on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Allow work in the field by giving access to all features while on the go.


Ready for International

Manage all your international needs with multiple languages and multiple currencies. Connect to multiple merchant processors to process in your clients local currency.

Our translation engine makes translating pages simple and robust without having to involve a designer or programmer.

When sharing content from the library, the content will automaticly send in the language of the recipient.

Give your Team the tools needed to grow their business

Pillars comprehensive backoffice offers the industry leading tools needed to grow your buisiness.

  1. Advancement reports showing who in their team is close to advancing.
  2. Training framwork to train new associates with step by step goals.
  3. Advanced Media Center that allows sharing with prospects and their team. When a resource is shared, it automaticly sends the resource in the language of the recipient.
  4. Allow multiple replicated websites each with their own look and feel.
  5. Track activity on their teams, view who is working and who is not.
  6. Communication tool for comunicating with their team. Send bulk messages to specific groups in their team.
  7. Tie communications to E-Mail accounts or Text Messages making communication fast and reliable.
  8. Manage potential Associates and their progress with the Prospect Manager.
  9. Allow delayed placement, giving affiliates time to decide how to best build their team.
  10. Create new events and see events in their downline. This allows affiliates and customers to see who is hosting a party or event and how they can attend.